I was given a succulent plant on my last day of a summer job I had a long time ago.  I named it Henry.  

But I didn’t know what kind of plant Henry was; thought he was a cactus. And after doing my research recently, I think i might have over watered him.  

I drowned my little Henry ; n ;

In honor of Henry, I made a character of him.   I still don’t know exactly what kind of succulent plant Henry was.  I was able to find pictures of him, and maybe the name of some that look quite similar to him … but, I’m still not sure.  He was the same plant as the green succulent on the Windows 7 default wallpaper (in the nature category). If anybody knows what kind of succulent that is, do tell.  

I do want to buy another plant just like Henry and try not to kill it. It’s such a cute plant!! . u .