I’ve been gettin’ a little inspired by all the adoptables that I’ve both adopted and noticed lately, so this happen.

I’m still thinking of a name for it. Krawth (pronounced krah-th) is just a “working name”: something to call it until a name is final. I’d prefer to spell it Krauth but I’m concerned that it’ll be pronounced wrong … or I could just put (krah-th) next to it all the time … yeah

Anyway, the designs on it still need some workin’ with, I’m not really great at those kinds of things~

Internet issues

Long story short: kept hearing advertisement audio on my laptop. Scanned my computer, didn’t find anything. Tried a system restore, didn’t work. Freaked out. Tried again the next day and found out my computer crashed. Restore was successful. And even though my getting my computer looked at, I’m too skittish to go online with my laptop, so there won’t be anymore posts until I get another computer.

I just don’t want to be without a computer. I only have the one! ;n;

I’m gettin’ better at drawin’ ‘em. Then I went silly with ‘em and I think I like them better that way.  But, they don’t have their big pretty eyes anymore.  I’ll have to come up with a way to at least put some color in their eyes … mainly because I want to, for the art style’s sake. I could always draw them in a variety of ways~